Why us

A brief history

Our story so far, has been moving. By nature, yachts are upwardly mobile since their owners sail them from country to country, port to port, as they chase the sun and seasons at each end of the globe. This being the case, the life, work and times of those who paint them are also upwardly mobile. We’re often required to travel to far-flung and exotic locations to apply our trade and, Super Yacht Coatings is no exception.

The company has been over 12 years in the making and is essentially, the culmination of the skills, experience & expertise of its two principle painters, Regan Woodward and Mark Hanna. Our complementary skills were brought together as a coherent team, to form Super Yacht Coatings Ltd.

Together, we have 20 years experience in the industry.

Why choose us?

End-to-end Project Management

We project manage the end-to-end painting process and document everything we do. Based on our experience, yacht owners and captains are understandably fussy about what materials and processes are used on their yachts. However, they don’t necessarily want to look over our shoulders throughout the entire process.

Good documentation is a win-win aspect of our operation -  it gives peace-of-mind reassurance to both parties. The owner knows exactly what we’ve used and what techniques have been applied and at what stage. We assert tight control and management of the whole process.


Quality assurance

Good documentation is also a critical part of our quality assurance process. It ensures nothing is left to chance or memory and we know we haven’t left anything out. Every step is carefully planned and checked and every process has been strictly adhered to. It allows us to constantly review and refine what we do in order to achieve the best available paint quality outcome. Strict Compliance with paint manufacturer recommendations


Super Yacht Coatings are a team of New Zealand's most accomplished yacht painters. Our operational HQ is located in the beautiful Bay of Plenty, and from our purpose-built facility, alongside our Auckland operation, we manage projects throughout the country and worldwide. Together, we've worked on some of the world’s finest superyachts. Our clients have been amazed at the standard we achieve. Most importantly, they’re delighted they chose us. But don't take our word for it...read about it…